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 Mario Strikers Charged

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PostSubject: Mario Strikers Charged   Mario Strikers Charged Icon_minitimeFri Aug 17, 2007 11:21 pm

this game is extreemly fun. the online play is amazing. like PBR you dont need to have friend codes to play with people. only if you want to play with friends, but on charged the online screen is better. they have ranking boards, each game you gets a # of points for. like 10 points for victory, 1 point for loss, and 1 point per goal you make in the game. although you can only get a max of 20 points in a game. its just so much fun.

Mario Strikers Charged 230009b

the characters on your team, you can choose 3 different guys. heres who you can choose from:

Hammer bro
Montey mole
Dry Bones
Shy guy

the main team characters have grown aswell. you can choose from:


as well as the unlockable characters(which you can use in wifi without unlocking)

Bowser Jr
Diddy kong
petey parana

the mega strikes have gone up in dificulty. when you preform a megastrike, you have to let it sit for more balls to come(least:3, most:6)
once you do that its like the old one, you need to try to get it in the red or green area to get better shots. but now the other team can do something about it. when you preform a megastrike, the other teams goaly(kritter)can block it. you get to play as the goaly, and try to catch the balls. its realy quite fun. but ya if you are going to get a wii game, make it this one. its loads of fun

Mario Strikers Charged Wolfsig01-bynaz-forskull
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Mario Strikers Charged
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